I must confess, my closet if filled with black clothing.  I adore color but somehow gravitate toward black.  When done right, black home accessories can add classic elegance to any room.  Here is a collection of vintage chic items I’d love to incorporate into my home but too bad my little one bedroom can’t fit any more decor!

Above, this typewriter reminds me of movies from the 1940s where the main character is a ‘newspaper man’.  Can’t you just hear the clack, clack, clack of the keys?  HERE from Good Bones Vintage for $230.

Below, keeping with the written word theme, a handmade sign perfect for your home’s reading nook by Oh Dier.  It’s made from reclaimed wood available HERE for $42.

Above, a traditional desk clock is weathered to perfection.  It’s the perfect respite from a digital world.  HERE for $49.95 from Uniquely Yours by Cil

Below, no home would be complete without Playboy bunny glassware!  These are just kitschy enough for me to love. Only $35 from Good Karma Hedgehog HERE.  

Last but not least below, this print has been a favorite of mine on Etsy for a while.  It is a playful addition to any home at $29 HERE from Yumalum which is currently running a 15% off promotion with code YUMALUM15.  Now that rocks!

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5 Responses to Blackout

  1. Uniquely Yours by Cil says:

    Thanks so much for including my Vintage Big Ben Clock on your blog – Classic black has style!

  2. william says:

    I love the rock with you print!

  3. Jessica says:

    Why is black so great!

    Love your blog!


  4. Kellie V. says:

    I LOVE the ‘rock you’ card!

  5. I love how black is such a timeless and classic color! Thanks A BUNCH for including my vintage Playboy glasses. They belonged to my grandparents and were passed down to me. When my dad gave them to me I realized they had never been used and were in the original shipping box!!!

    I just started selling vintage items on Etsy in my GoodKarmaHedgehog shop and have a wonderful group of unusual vintage items, most are in EXCELLENT/NEW condition. :)

    I also have an art business called “Happy Fantastic Designs” in which I silk-screen and/or sew a variety of fun creations from tee shirts to bags to buttons and magnets. Most feature my original designs and drawings. Here are the links:

    Thanks for including me + Have a Happy Fantastic Day!!! 😀

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