Bon Ami Giveaway

Do you love flea markets and estate sales as much as I do?  If you read my blog regularly, your answer is most likely a firm “YES”!

A few months ago my friends at Bon Ami introduced me their line of cleaning products since I do enjoy the “thrill of the hunt” as they call it; at yard sales, flea markets and the like.  I quickly fell in love with their all natural cleansers and Bon Ami is now my go-to product to shine up and dust off just about anything!

I was thrilled when they offered my readers 3 Thrill of the Hunt kits which are packed with tons of goodies.  I promise three of you will be lucky folks when this treat arrives!  Check out my preview pictures below.

Ready to win?  Simply leave a comment telling me the first thing you plan on cleaning with Bon Ami!  I will pick 2 comments at random and 1 comment that’s my favorite on Sunday, September 30th 2012.  That’s it!  May the dirtiest gal win.  Umm, cleaning joke.

P.S. You may want to follow my blog by email so you don’t miss out on the announcement!

Giveaways are open to legal residents of the United States only.  Winner will be contacted up to 72 hours after the giveaway ends.  At the commencement of the giveaway, (2) winners will be selected at random from all eligible entries and (1) will be selected as my personal favorite. Entrants and winner agree that the Giveaway Entities shall not be liable for injury, loss or damage of any kind resulting from participating in this Giveaway or from the acceptance or use of any prize awarded, including any future use of any winning entries. Sponsor reserves the right (but is not obligated) to verify eligibility qualifications of any winner.
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8 Responses to Bon Ami Giveaway

  1. George Sticos says:

    I love using all natural products. I plan on cleaning my collection of coins and cameras with this product
    Thank you,

  2. This is awesome! I’ve always wanted to try Bon Ami! I would do my boyfriend a big favor and clean the inside of his car haha It’s filthy. I don’t have a car right now, soooo maybe I’ll do it as a thanks for being a great chauffeur 😉 I collect ceramic, odd pill boxes as well. They’re going to need some shining!

  3. Maria Kostaras says:

    I’m moving and plan on doing lots of cleaning. would love to try this product:)

  4. Angela K says:

    Hello, i am big fan of natural products, and love to clean and polish all my furniture.

  5. Kathy S says:

    Oh my, I love cleansers. I like that they require a little elbow grease. I’d use these to clean up my patio chairs before I store them for the winter.

  6. Caitlin says:

    I am getting married in July and the first thing I would clean are all the old antiques we are using for decorations. One trunk I got is beautiful but filthy!

  7. Cindy A. says:

    You are a gal after my own heart! I also love yard sales, flea markets, and digging through piles of abandoned treasure. I should probably have one of those “I Brake for Yard Sales” warning stickers on the back of my vehicle. As for what I would use Bon Ami to clean… a recently acquired set of Taylor Smith Ironstone dishware in Nosegay. I found that fabulous little set tossed in a lonely corner at one of my favorite thrifts, and it was love at first sight. All I could think about was how fun it would be to use, and I may or may not have started planning a small get together on my walk back to the car. Just imagine the bowls filled with Ambrosia salad and other era appropriate dishes. *swoon*

    Many thanks to you and Bon Ami for offering such a generous giveaway!

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