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The Art of the Gift

Minted Wall ArtIt’s no secret that I love giving gifts.  I shop all year round with birthdays and holidays in mind.  There is just something about selecting a present that will make someone smile, that I love.

I recently bumped into the print shop on Minted; which is beautifully curated.  I most love the fact that you can purchase their prints framed + matted; which tends to be my personal downfall when I purchase a print.  I had previously ordered my wedding announcements from Minted and was extremely impressed by the quality.  Therefore, some of these ready-made art pieces will find themselves under gift wrap for my friends + family this year!  Here are a few of my favorites.

Minted Wall ArtMinted Wall ArtMinted Wall Art

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Vintage Holiday Gift Guide

Little Maison Vintage Gift GuideIt’s been some time since I posted regularly on Little Maison and I’ve missed it!  Since the holiday spirit has gotten the best of me early this year, I could not resist sharing my favorite gift ideas for those who love vintage, like I do.  For the real enthusiast, there are authentic vintage items, as well as ‘vintage inspired’ gifts for the novice.

If you were a regular on my blog in the past, be sure to stop in my new venture, Little Vintage Rentals.  It’s creation and launch in 2013 took me away from Little Maison but it’s very much along the same lines of things that I love – vintage, that is!  I am going to try to balance the two in the New Year!

Enjoy this edition of the Vintage Lovers Gift Guide and Happy Holidays!  Links further below. Little Maison Vintage Gift Guide

First Group: Wine Jug / Bag / Candle / Whale / Fake Deer / Candle Holders / Twine / Kyes Tray / Skirt  Second Group:  Book / Camera / Lithograph / Eyeglass Case / Necklace / Decanter / Mason Shaker  / TinsRocker
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Vintage Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I thought it would be fun to compile a Vintage wish list!  I am not one for chocolates and fancy dinners, any of these vintage goodies would make my Valentine’s day just perfect.  Hint, hint!

Salt CellarIndividual salt cellars are a new found love of mine! Can’t you just see the table set and these gleaming in the candlelight?  Only $15 from By The Wayside


As I’ve mentioned before, I am a huge fan of goblets.  They are the perfect glass for water or wine.  These amethyst stunners would bring a little romance to any table!  Just $24 from Sue Sue Gonzalas

Seltzer Bottle

I’ve been searching for a vintage seltzer bottle to catch the sunlight on the windowsill.  This one is aqua perfection for $56 from Cute Old Things.

Milk Glass Necklace

Last but not least, a little necklace would surely make me smile!  This simple and sweet milk glass strand would look super cute for Spring!  Only $18 from Mean Glean.

 Wishing you all lots of Vintage Love this Valentine’s Day!

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Unique Holiday Decorations

Everywhere I look, there are “gift guides” being offered for the holidays.  What if we decided to take things slow and actually savor the act of decoration?   After all, the many hours we spend in our home should be surrounded by loved ones and lovely things.

If you’re like me, your ‘Holiday Decorations’ box is jam packed with tangled lights and odds and ends collected over the years.   Aside from items with sentimental value, there is definitely room for improvement on your holiday décor.  Therefore, I’ve compiled a guide to bring your decorations from cliche and tired to something people will marvel at as they sip the eggnog!

Above is perhaps one of my favorite ways to decorate as of late:   Garland!  Whether it’s these darling multi-colored felt balls or home-made signs spelling out a sentiment, it’s an easy way to dress up a room!   These cool colors are available at Home Remedy, a site specializing in modern treatments for the home.  Check them out HERE or for folks looking for something different, they have a Pom Pom version as well.Word Wonderland:  As you know, I am sucker for the written word.  (1) This knife can be used all year round and displayed during the holidays for a reminder of its message!  Available at Milk & Honey.   (2) This ribbon is a message of love and makes for a great alternative garland on the tree.  I can see this being a surprise decoration for those getting engaged during the holidays!  Available from The Lonely Heart.  (3) Timeless + Classic = books.  This all white stack of novels brings Winter whimsy to any space by Huckster Haven.

Back To Nature:   No matter which holiday you celebrate, this is a theme that can be enjoyed by all.   (1) Vintage mason jars house perfect snowy trees reminiscent of snow globe magic sans water.  Worley’s Lighting created these lovelies; swoon with me.  (2) A modern day ornament of a brightly colored feather can be used as décor all year round.  Hand painted by River Luna.  (3) Literally snatched from nature, these dried sequoia tree pine cones are simple elegance by Earth Beauties.  (4) A handmade wood cottage adorned with snowy trees (made from bottle brushes) by Mary’s Workshop make my heart melt.

Simple + Soft This category is ideal for those with little ones running about.   (1) A “Peace” felt banner by is one of many by Kata Golda.  (2) Another treat by Kata Golda perfect for those celebrating Christmas.  There are nine variations on this stocking, something for everyone!  (3) Last but not least, this darling Angel is perfect for the holidays and can stay out all year round! Available at

I hope you enjoyed my round up of home decorations for the holidays!  Take time to enjoy the act of decorating if you can.  It makes all the difference on how you’ll start your holiday season. 



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New York International Gift Fair

A few weekends ago in the midst of moving and planning my wedding I took a break to walk the breezy aisles of the Javits Center for the New York International Gift Fair.  It was my first time at NYIGF and the amount of booths were overwhelming.   I gravitated toward well designed booths and innovative products which I am happy to share below!  It was a fun day exploring the immense talent hidden in the booths.

Above: The Bodega Bag.  Being a native New Yorker, I think the idea of a hip accessory for a plastic bag (quite often from a bodega) is brilliant.  Not only is the chain easily toted along in your purse, but it prompts folks to re-use the plastic bag.  Simple, chic and green.

Below: Some of you may have already seen my tweet about Hand in Hand, which is super stylish line of soaps and bath crystals with a mission.  For every bar of soap sold a bar is donated to communities that are affected by poor water quality which in term cause disease.   Love them, love their mission.  Anthropologie agrees.

Above:  Another company on a mission, Material Good – whose Little Shirley vases stole my heart before the show, did not disappoint in person.  The fact that 10% of their profit goes to organizations which support cancer research, just makes each vase a little piece of perfection.

Below: While I strolled the Handmade Global Design area of the show, Mushmina‘s accessories struck a cord.  Their bags, jewelry, pillows and scarves were beautifully designed and unique.  Mushmina notably creates employment opportunities for women and men in developing countries with their product line.

Above: Geografia is making globes hip again with their line of paper globes.  Packaged flat they allow the recipient to literally put the world together.  Many of the products boast cute ‘core’ graphics and I especially like the globes you can personalize with white board pens.  Genius!

Below: Perhaps it’s my love for wine or the fact that my wedding will be in wine country, but whatever the reason I fell in love with Rewined.  This Charleston area company re-purposes wine bottles from local restaurants and creates soy based “wine scented” candles.  Simply smart on the recycling side and super stylish on the design side with packaging that would make anyone fall in love!  I might just need these for my wedding favors!All images (c) Little Maison.  Please do not use without permission.


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Little Shirley

I am extremely excited about attending my first New York International Gift Fair this weekend!  My inbox has been flooded with press releases and invites to view new product lines but one stood out the most; Little Shirley vases made by Material Good.  Not only are these petite vases stylish but the company donates 10% of the sales to cancer research in honor of the founder’s Grandmother, Shirley.  Also, they are only $20!

I was so drawn into Material Good’s mission and product that I began to imagine what lovely wedding favors these would make for my guests.  Enjoy the fabulous pictures below and I promise to report back after the show!

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I’ve been so busy lately but I need to take a moment and thank four lovely bloggers who recently awarded me my first blogger awards! 

Although I have been told I am quite the rule follower, I must break a few in effort to showcase some blogs I love, thank those who’ve awarded me and make this easy reading for all.  Therefore, previous rules and instructions for each of these awards are being shortened.   It’s all about thanking folks and continuing to pay it forward, right?

Therefore, if you’ve been awarded here, simply enjoy the title and then pass the torch to as many bloggers as you see fit.  If you want the real rules/instructions, check them out here, here, here and here or just click on a badge below!THANK YOU:  Madison Cary for my One Lovely Blogger Award.  Her blog is sweet and so chic.  My favorite post as of late was her apple post.   Just random fun!

AWARDED:  My dear West Coast friend, Annette, who is new to the blogging scene.  Her blog, A Lawyer Walks into a Coffee Bar, is one to watch!

THANK YOU:  Somersaulting Through Life for my Beautiful Blogger Award.  If you love TV, books, movies – with perhaps some Jane Austen thrown in, this blog is for you. 

AWARDED:  Kate from Things I’m Loving and I met when she volunteered for a My Little Maison post. Her blog is simply elegant and she will be a life long blogger friend!

THANK YOU:  JeannieRichard, a husband and wife team who design fabulous jewelry and blog regularly, for my Versatile Blogger Award.  You may remember my Not So Mellow post where I included their yellow Cleopatra ring.  Their work is superb!

AWARDED:  Kelsey from Pinegate Road is truly a versatile blogger.  Her self-crafted blog is a work of art and posts like Color Studies spill over with inspiration!

THANK YOU: One Little Happy Mama, whose art work inspires.  I adore checking in on her regular posts to see what paintings are in creation.  Check out her Etsy Shop as well, HERE.

AWARDED:  VOE Events is new to the blogging world and this duo of dynamic New York ladies will be reporting in on tons of lovely wedding & event ideas!  Since I am newly engaged, I’ve been enjoying their Q&A posts will local vendors.  Check them out!

THANK YOU again to everyone who nominated me and

happy blog reading and writing to all!

Don’t forget!  There is still time to enter the CALINANA GIVEAWAY HERE!

A winner will be announced this weekend :)

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Stationery Designers To Watch

Above: The lovely couple from Wednesday, Jessica & Garett Mayfield, brightened my Sunday with their genuine charm and meticulous design skills. There is something to be said about a clean and simple layout in both printed work and a booth. Just perfect!

Below: April May (yes, that’s her real name) from Everything Little Miss was as bubbly and sweet as her designs. Her eco-friendly paper goods were filled with color and I just adore the inspiration behind her rabbit calendar. See below.

Below: Filled with sophisticated Southern charm, Belle & Union makes tea towels with a retro butter pattern oh-so-very cool. Meg displayed her goods with such detailed perfection it was hard to walk away. Check out her ‘cows come home’ card & friend. Love it!

Below: Ashley Austin from Fine Day Press displayed a variety of prints from dreamy watercolor florals to fab mod designs. A vibrant color palette was a constant throughout her line. I love that she’s a local New Yorker too!

Did you miss my Top Ten from the National Stationery Show

Check it out HERE!

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Paper Power: National Stationery Show








While the amount of beautifully crafted paper goods at the National Stationery Show can be mind boggling, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day and connected with vendors from Brooklyn, New York to Port Townsend, Washington. I will be featuring some of the lovely folks I met soon, however, I wanted to start off with my Top Ten picks from the show.

As I reviewed my photographs I realized I was mostly taken with goods other than crafty cards. Don’t get me wrong, there were spectacular paper goods showcased at the show, yet, I was drawn to the vendors who offered diversity in their line of products. To become a ‘one stop shop’ for retailers, I’d imagine this is the natural progression.

In no particular order, below are my Top Ten Picks from the 2012 National Stationery Show. More to follow!

Above: Old School Stationers made me smile with their brightly colored card packs, kitschy motifs and super sweet tote bags. This family-owned letterpress studio from Portland, Oregon is one to watch!

Below: I love vintage (as you know) and I found a new favorite in My Mother’s Buttons. Every product is made from authentic vintage buttons and the initial buttons below were once used for horse bridles. How did I not know something so beautiful existed? Just spectacular.

Above: Maybe it’s the wine lover in me or the fact I’ve always wanted glass doorknobs in my home, either way, these wine bottle stoppers by Knobstoppers are tres chic!

Below: Kata Golda was a “must see” booth based on the press kit alone (more on that later). Her hand dyed felt goods for every occasion give you an instant feeling of home. The stuffed companions below are simply perfection.

Above: Aesthetic Movement represents a multitude of crafty wares and The Frausto & Co. Spy Deck of cards was a favorite. Each card shares tidbits that one would need to survive a James Bond lifestyle. I also admired their Garden Deck which shared growing instructions for fruits and vegetables.

Below: Lea from Leafcutter Designs was one of my favorite vendors. Not only was she super sweet but her curious creations are small bits of perfection. The Recipe Dice below are perfect for the foodie in your life!

Above: What can I say about The White Cabinet that would thoroughly explain my love for everything in this booth. The 1950’s & 1960’s fashion illustrations by Hilda Glasgow make my heart skip a beat. Her daughter Liz transformed the vintage images into greeting cards, stamps and uber-stylish gift wrap which would delight any design enthusiast. In fact, Liz just was just awarded the best Eco-Chic Product at the National Stationery Show for her new soy ink based gift wrap!

Below: I adore lavender and as you know, I love anything French! I fell in love with the romantic product line by Estelle Billot who showcased these hand silk screened lavender sachets in a multitude of dreamy fabrics. I say, Oui, s’il-vous-plaît.

Above: Sticky notes never get old for me. The Leaf-it notes by b.b. begonia are so detailed and delicate, they should be displayed as wall art.

Below: A local vendor favorite, The Great Lakes Goods, had such a fun variety of goods yet, A Tiny Celebration (below) stood out from the crowd. Literally an instant party in a bag, it is the perfect item to slip into a greeting card for friends of all ages. Everyone needs some sparkle in their life!

Don’t forget to check back for more reviews and coverage from the National Stationery Show!

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As you all know, I am a HUGE Etsy supporter, but there is always room in my heart for a new handmade online wonderland. ENTER: Lilyshop.

Lilyshop is in the beginning stages of forming but all the more reason to sign up, search, shop and perhaps list your own lovely goods for sale. Did I mention that listing items is free on Lilyshop? Sounds good to me! My favorite feature is the Yard Sale where shop keepers can feature discounted merchandise at 25%, 30% and 50% off.

Above, is a weathered beauty from Restoration Harbor which can be found HERE. Below are more of my favorite finds. Enjoy!

Collage art globe garland: worldly perfection. HERE from Palimpsestic.

Vintage Clutch a la sequins HERE from La Biblioteca

Witty gift for a vegetarian (like me) from Sunday Drive Designs HERE

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Collecting has always been in my blood.  When I was young it was Cabbage Patch Kids and Barbie dolls, then it was stamps and coins.  I had a collection of journals filled with paragraphs of teen into twenty something drama and then finally I settled on small home decor collecting, like the creamers above (those are mine).

I find that a good collection is a great conversation starter when people visit your home.  If you were never sure of what to collect, now is the time to start!   I’ve gathered some of my favorite “instant” collections below.  So pick your favorite, display then proudly and when people ask, tell them you’ve been collecting for years!

Below: (1) Under lock and key these three would be!  $35 at The Hope Tree HERE. (2) A funny but unique collection from Sushipot Parts HERE for $65.  (3) Also, from Sushipot Parts, adorable toy tin cups HERE for $42.

Finally, vintage buttons would be perfect in a large glass bowl on the coffee table for all to see.  Each one in the group below has a story to tell, add some of your own!  $56 HERE from Buttons Addict.

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Etsy Find: Found Vintage Objects

As you may know, I spend a considerable amount of time on Etsy.  I fall in love with new shops every day but I was particularly blown away with the products, styling and photography by Found Vintage Objects.  These items are curated and displayed with such style and care, I had to get in touch with the shop’s owner to compliment her work!   Amy from Found Vintage Objects was kind enough to offer my readers 20% off items in her shop!  I have my eye on a few lovelies and encourage you to check out the full shop and pick up a few favorites of your own.  Simply use code:  LittleMaison20 at checkout to get the 20% off.  What are you waiting for?  Go shopping HERE!

Don’t forget to like Found Vintage objects on Facebook HERE

Get 20% OFF! 

Use code: LittleMaison20 at checkout HERE!

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