Collecting has always been in my blood.  When I was young it was Cabbage Patch Kids and Barbie dolls, then it was stamps and coins.  I had a collection of journals filled with paragraphs of teen into twenty something drama and then finally I settled on small home decor collecting, like the creamers above (those are mine).

I find that a good collection is a great conversation starter when people visit your home.  If you were never sure of what to collect, now is the time to start!   I’ve gathered some of my favorite “instant” collections below.  So pick your favorite, display then proudly and when people ask, tell them you’ve been collecting for years!

Below: (1) Under lock and key these three would be!  $35 at The Hope Tree HERE. (2) A funny but unique collection from Sushipot Parts HERE for $65.  (3) Also, from Sushipot Parts, adorable toy tin cups HERE for $42.

Finally, vintage buttons would be perfect in a large glass bowl on the coffee table for all to see.  Each one in the group below has a story to tell, add some of your own!  $56 HERE from Buttons Addict.

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5 Responses to Collections

  1. PHILIP says:

    the creamers love your camera….great photo.

  2. Such a great vintage collection. You have a good eye for a collector’s essentials.

  3. kmore says:

    Oh, I definitely have the collecting bug! In fact, I have been hoarding some of those vintage outdoor faucet handles (like the ones in your post). Someday, I will know just what to do with them!

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