Etsy Find: Found Vintage Objects

As you may know, I spend a considerable amount of time on Etsy.  I fall in love with new shops every day but I was particularly blown away with the products, styling and photography by Found Vintage Objects.  These items are curated and displayed with such style and care, I had to get in touch with the shop’s owner to compliment her work!   Amy from Found Vintage Objects was kind enough to offer my readers 20% off items in her shop!  I have my eye on a few lovelies and encourage you to check out the full shop and pick up a few favorites of your own.  Simply use code:  LittleMaison20 at checkout to get the 20% off.  What are you waiting for?  Go shopping HERE!

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Get 20% OFF! 

Use code: LittleMaison20 at checkout HERE!

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6 Responses to Etsy Find: Found Vintage Objects

  1. GEREAN says:

    Love the upcycle work on the gold and green plate/tray. Will visit on etsy and check out the goods!

  2. rohshann says:

    Nice find! I will definitely be visiting this shop :)

  3. PHILIP says:

    you do have the knack to align vintage with contemporary, in the way yo present them.i hope you can work your magic when im considered vintage…..P.F.

  4. honolulukay says:

    They must think very highly of you and your writing to offer your readers such a generous across-the-bload discount.

    The turquoise dishes remind me of FiestaWare. It was popular in the 1950s. I had a fit when my Aunt Jane threw out all of her FiestaWare back in 1970. She thought it was old fashioned. I told her to put it in a box — some day it would be worth a fortune. She didn’t and now it is. Bummer!

  5. findingourwaynow says:

    I love what you showcased here. I will be checking our the online shop for sure. Thanks for sharing, Susan

  6. kmore says:

    Beautiful post, Mandy! You have such a great eye!

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