Little Shirley

I am extremely excited about attending my first New York International Gift Fair this weekend!  My inbox has been flooded with press releases and invites to view new product lines but one stood out the most; Little Shirley vases made by Material Good.  Not only are these petite vases stylish but the company donates 10% of the sales to cancer research in honor of the founder’s Grandmother, Shirley.  Also, they are only $20!

I was so drawn into Material Good’s mission and product that I began to imagine what lovely wedding favors these would make for my guests.  Enjoy the fabulous pictures below and I promise to report back after the show!

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4 Responses to Little Shirley

  1. laura says:

    They are so sweet. I love the shape. Loving the look with the place settings…nice glazes too.

  2. Brooke crowle says:

    They are so cute….!

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