Millinery Magic

When I was ten years old my grandmother was knee deep in a bridal veil business she started from scratch.  With no formal millinery or artistic training she hand crafted bridal veils with plastic pearls, a glue gun and love.  I am not even sure she made money but she was obsessed with creating the right piece for the bride to be.

My grandmother was married at seventeen and wore a pillbox hat.  Her wedding photo hung in her house despite being remarried and decades later it hangs in my bedroom.  Thanks to my grandmother,  I equate beautiful bridal headpieces with pillbox hats.  Perhaps it’s the fact that I am newly engaged or my love for vintage inspired fashion but I am smitten with the millinery beauties by Preston & Olivia.

I am sharing a few favorites below but be sure to visit the Preston & Olivia Etsy shop HERE  and their website HERE for the full collection.  You’ll find authentic magic in their work, I promise.

Can I wear navy as a bride?  It’s too perfect not to be considered!

Don’t forget to visit the Preston & Olivia Etsy shop HERE 

and the full Preston & Olivia website HERE

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11 Responses to Millinery Magic

  1. Gsgirl says:

    Very nice blog!!

  2. kmore says:

    Oh, I am so sentimental, so I love the grandmother story, and your faithfulness to the pillbox in her honor! I love everything wedding… you will have so much fun planning yours! (It’s sort of uncanny, but your grandmother looks just like my mother as a young bride!)

    • Mandy says:

      Thanks for the lovely comment. You should post a photo of your Mom in honor of Mother’s day in May! I just love old photographs – especially wedding ones :)

  3. Really beautiful hats. It’s great that glamour is still appreciated.

  4. tinajo says:

    These hats are lovely! :-)

  5. mkjohnsen says:

    LOVE the pillbox hat grandma story! I got a bit obsessed about “the” pink pillbox hat last year – and even made an art journal page out of it! Love the classic look – wish I didn’t feel like I’d stand out if I wore hats more often – not quite like the 50s anymore! Good luck – and thanks for sharing!

  6. mkjohnsen says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your pill box magic! I too love a good pillbox hat, particularly the one with a bit of veil – so very proper! I got a bit obsessed last year with the story of “the” pink pill box and how it was lost – too sad! Here’s a post I did about it – during my “pink” phase – that I consider my ode to the pillbox! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Nice…now we only need a nice party:)

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