Offensive + Delightful Greetings

I  still love sending cards by mail even today with e-cards, facebook and texting.  There is something special about beautifully printed paper and a signature from a loved one.  Call me old fashioned but it’s still worth the effort.

These greeting cards from Offensive + Delightful are a breathe of fresh air and just plain amusing.  Some of the designs are absolutely offensive and will have your friends and family rolling with laughter.  Check out their full line HERE and be sure to take a look at their business cards and posters as well!

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2 Responses to Offensive + Delightful Greetings

  1. Stop by Matted LIC for a terrific selection of O & D cards!

  2. Blaine Dimas says:

    Awesome post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

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