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Boudoir Inspiration

All of the planning I’ve done lately for my wedding has made me realize how valuable true rest really is.

In order to accomplish hours of uninterrupted relaxation and sleep, I’m starting to plan for a mini bedroom facelift. In scouring thread counts and perky prints, it’s clear that the quality of the bedding itself is imperative.  Of course, a few stylish accessories don’t hurt either.  Here are three of my favorites “looks” to inspire.  Wishing you all a restful weekend!

Above:  A neutral palette with a touch of metallicThe Ava Print Duvet by Frette works well with this Pottery Barn mercury bed-side lamp and Anthropologie Luxe Shine Wallpaper.  I love blue accents for the bedroom; they are calming!

Below: Basic and beautiful, black and white.  This timeless set from Frette is aptly named, Hotel Classic.  It is definitely a luxurious addition to any abode.  Also from Frette, the Malick Cushion (which truly makes my heart skip a beat).   For a bit of a modern touch, the Reactive Glass Lamp from Anthropologie does the trick!

Below:  Lazy Sunday afternoon worthy decor.  The look is complete with a soft wool and angora Double Face throw by Frette, whimsical Tea Cup and the Festival Rug; both from Anthropologie.  This trio is best enjoyed on a rainy day while reading your favorite book.  Can’t you just feel the “cozy”?

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My Little Maison: Kate Senkow of Things I'm Loving

For my third installment of the My Little Maison series, I am happy to introduce Kate Senkow of Things I’m Loving.  Kate’s blog is a visual feast of her favorite interiors, food, books and travel destinations, infused with quotes that will make you ponder.  Her posts fair toward a feminine aesthetic and are as light and lovely as lace.  I’ve come to think of Things I’m Loving as a chic older sister adorned with pearl earrings resting in a glamorous boudoir.  I think you’ll agree.


Tell us about yourself and your inspiration behind starting the blog?

I’ve always had a love for and appreciation of life’s little luxuries. I am passionate about home decor and design, cooking, baking and travel. I am especially inspired by all things London and Paris. I love sharing my latest discoveries with friends and family – whether it be a restaurant, a type of loose leaf tea, a new recipe, or a travel gem. I started my blog in hopes of sharing my latest discoveries with anyone who cared to listen. The response has been wonderful and humbling.

How often do you post and what is the majority of your content about?

I post, on average, once or twice a week, depending on what’s happening in my life. Juggling a full time job with part-time studies and renovating means I don’t post as often as I’d like to!

Having purchased a home, the majority of my posts have recently been decor & design related. The close runner up is Food & Beverage, followed by Fashion.

What are your future plans for the blog?

I would love to see the blog’s audience continue to grow. I hope my posts inspire others to experience life and savor those little moments in the everyday.

I asked Kate to share 3 of her favorite things from her home.  The first one, makes my heart melt!

Favorite Item #1: 
My antique Underwood typewriter. A birthday gift from my husband. He was so excited that I ended up receiving it two months early! The typed note in the photo is the original birthday message from him.
Favorite Item #2:
This is my Tocca Colette perfume bottle. I purchased it at Anthropologie after falling in love with the scent and the beauty of the bottle design. The lid is so ornate and gorgeous.
Favorite Item #3:
I guess this collection of picture frames count as multiple items. Is that allowed? =) They’re my favorite pieces in our home. Over a period of months I searched for just the right combination of frames to display photos of our wedding day and those I took on our travels. Starting at 12 o’clock and moving clockwise – 1) Cherry blossoms and Notre Dame. 2) Wedding photo of us and our parents. 3) Guard at London Tower. 4) The last winery in Paris, located in Montmartre. 5) Our bridal party. 6) An interior courtyard at a museum in Le Marais. 6) The center photo is of Sacre Coeur.

Finally, I asked Kate to share a favorite spot in her Little Maison.  The one word she used to describe it:  GLAMOUR.  I agree!

My favorite spot in our home is the only room we’ve completed renovation and decoration of thus far – the front entry. I love the clean white walls, custom paneling, the crystal chandelier and the accents of black – our umbrella in the corner and the fleur-de-lis sculpture.


Thank you for letting us take a peek inside your world Kate! 

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Safari Inspired Living

I love the infusion of animals in home decor.  Elephants, giraffes and lions are a whimsical addition to any room; it’s like being on Safari every day!  Walking tall above, this 3 tray set by Thomas Paul is perfect for a wild party.  Available for $66 HERE at Burke Decor.

One of my personal favorites below by Valentina, an elephant print ready to frame available HERE for $15.  Her work is so vibrant and fresh!  (note: watermark will not appear on print)

Above, I’ve had my eye on these re-purposed animal busts at Anthropologie for some time.  The gazelle above is one of 4 options covered in vintage French book pages.  Ooh la la!  $68 HERE

Below, these sweet towels complement any kitchen decor.  $12 for the hand screen printed set HERE from Branch Homemade.  Don’t miss their fabulous selection of pillowcases as well!

Finally by Skinny Laminx, this handmade herd pillow is HERE for $35 straight from Cape Town, South Africa.  You can’t get any closer to a real Safari!

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Vacation Inspiration: Sand

While I was in Belize last week, I was taken with the sand.  In some parts it was soft and pure and others there were millions of shell particles per handful.   A great inspiration to feature some of my favorite neutral home design finds!

The lovely items above:   1.  Hand Knit Pillow available at Le Souk HERE.   2.  Damask Wallpaper from the Maison Gallerie Collection by Seabrook Designs HERE  (at a fabulous online store BurkeDecor.com) 3.  Fedore Towel Set at Anthropologie HERE.  4. Handmade Crochet Rug by Henna’s Boutique HERE.

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Red Hot Picks ♥

As Valentine’s day approaches, what better way to show love than with some red hot fashion finds!  No more cliche hearts and kisses, just plain and simple fashion to LOVE!

Above is the bold Boktier Eden Satchel found HERE on Nastygal.com.  It’s up to the minute trendy color blocking make it a must have!

Below is a dress that is as much girly as it is chic.  Eva Franco designed this beauty exclusively for ModCloth HERE for $248.  Yes, please.

Finally, this sweet three quarter sleeve jacket below by Tabitha is available for $198 on Anthropologie HERE.  It’s an extremely versatile piece and can be worn from Spring into Fall.

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