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Priti Bride

As I wait anxiously for my complete set of wedding photos, I wanted to take a minute and share this one above featuring my favorite nail polish, Priti NYC(Photo by Volatile Photography)

I originally fell in love with the colors of the Priti Bridal Bouquet, however, upon learning that their polishes are completely non-toxic, I was hooked!  My heart was set on Pink Jewel Carnation and it did not disappoint.  It was the perfect amount of pink blush on my hands to compliment my pink shoes (more on those later).

The polish itself is flawless.  No streaks, clumps or bubbles.  It went on smooth and dried even prettier than I imagined; even the manicurist asked about the brand!  I did the traditional ‘something blue’ on my toes and went with Dorothy Palm.  My shoes were closed toe, but the color made me smile.Priti NYCWhen you have a chance, I’d highly recommend checking out Priti NYC.  I can’t wait to see what colors they have for 2013!


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Summer Scents

When all the girls in high school were leaving clouds of heavy floral perfume in their wake, I was dabbing on a musk, patchouli or vanilla based fragrance. Even years later, a small list of scents make the cut; none which are the “trendy” overly floral fragrances that are marketed to the masses. I prefer something unique. Thanks to the HBA Global Expo, I bumped into the Spadaro collection of fragrances, which are literally, a breathe of fresh air. Immediately I was drawn to their packaging as I am definitely an “art school” girl at heart. Sweet red boxes house Italian glass bottles adorned with a unique bronze pattern for every fragrance. Each bottle is more bathroom display worthy than the next. The scents are warm and inviting and reminiscent of patchouli, almonds, vanilla, honey, grapefruit, white pepper, sandalwood and even paprika.I tried all three fragrances last week but one stayed on my mind: Doux Amour. It’s romance in a bottle and will make a great holiday gift suggestion for my fiancé who is always on the hunt for a good gift to give. If you’re searching for a new signature fragrance, I’d highly suggest giving the Spadaro fragrances a try. They even have a sweet trio trial pack for just $10 HERE which is what I used to test them out last week. My trio of bottles above; you’ll notice that Doux Amour was most used! Let me know if any of you give it a try and which is your favorite.

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Beauty In Ordinary Things

Last weekend George and I took the East River Ferry from our neighborhood in Queens to Manhattan. It was a fun way to travel into the city even though the boat ride itself was fast and bumpy. When we got off I stopped in my tracks to admire the very cool design which someone had painted on the highway dividers. I was even more captivated with the reflection created by a puddle left over from the rain. It reminded me of something I would have painted years ago at FIT in my Textile Design program.

It’s fun to stop and appreciate the beauty in ordinary things sometimes. Life moves so fast and we just don’t do it enough.

Need some more photos? Look HERE and HERE

Enjoy the long weekend!

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Pretty as a Peacock

© Little Maison

Some of the best colors are found in nature.  While at the Bronx Zoo this past Fall, I snapped a few shots of this boldly colored feathered friend.  I am not sure if the photo does its coloring justice, however, it was an inspiration to gather some favorite Spring items to match this regal creature.

Ruffled handmade leather clutch in cobalt = perfection.  Karrah Designs on Etsy has some of the prettiest bags I’ve seen in a while.  This one is $70 HERE

I am a sucker for monograms and this modern acrylic take on a classic idea is brilliant.  This is a must have necklace for Spring, HERE for only $58.

This rubber bracelet is a cool rendition of this season’s color blocking motif.  It’s a great way to infuse color into any outfit!  $195 HERE

One of my all time favorite cocktail rings (I have a smokey grey one) by Swarovski HERE for $155.

I love this new shade by Deborah Lippmann.  Her nail polish is completely non-toxic and not tested on animals.  I think our friend above would be pleased.  $16 HERE

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