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My Little Maison: Anastasia Christou of Anastasia Drawing & Dreaming

After a long hiatus from blogging, I am so pleased to return with my favorite series, My Little Maison!  This time around, I am featuring the lovely Anastasia Christou from Anastasia Drawing & Dreaming.  Her blog is a visual medley of ethereal images and crafty paper projects that she sells in her shop.   A bit more about this Sydney, Australia native here below.  Her blog is just dreamy!

Anastasia ChristouBLOG //  SHOP  //  PINTEREST

Tell us about yourself and your inspiration behind starting the blog? 

I started my blog after discovering ‘Illustration Friday’ so once I started drawing and doing the weekly challenges I got right into the blogging community –I discovered the craft blogs, design blogs, lifestyle blogs!! Blogging made my day! I was hooked!

How often do you post and what is the majority of your content about?

I try to post at least three times a week but Ive done many ‘post every day for a month’ challenges too!  Most of my content is about my inspirations, Food, Creativity, Décor and handmade and I love to throw in some Vintage Style posts too!  I try to make it all pretty and visual!

What are your future plans for the blog? 

To keep blogging and being part of the blogging community.  I’d like to start some new blog series, I have a few ideas brewing and I hope to find more time to share more craft tutorials too!  I think id like to do more guest blog posts on other blogs as well!

I asked Anastasia to share 3 of her favorite things from her home.   I love the Domino Book too!

Anastasia Christou(1) My bedroom – I love to rescue pretty little plates from thrift stores, they are perfect for my jewelry so I have a few on my on my dresser. Also on my bedside table is the Domino Decorating book – one of my favorites decorating books!  I took the photo on my crochet bedspread which is something else I love dearly, it was handmade by my mother, it took her so long and its so beautiful! I will treasure it forever!

Anastasia Christou(2) This is my new desk! I guess that’s why its so clean and tidy.  We changed our house around a little so my work space and crafty supplies are now in our family ‘hangout’ room so its great to have two family spaces – I look forward to getting creative and messy, the only way to create!

(3) My Garden – I wish I had a green thumb but sadly I need a low maintenance garden and ours is just that!!  I love to hang out in the garden, watch my boys play or just sit on the back steps and have my morning tea…

Finally, I asked Anastasia to share a favorite spot in her Little Maison.  “My Kitchen!  It got a makeover a couple of years ago and its still my favorite place to be, I enjoy baking and cooking, making tea or getting my boys some after school snacks so I’m hanging out in my kitchen often!”

Anastasia ChristouDon’t forget to stop in Anastasia’s blog to say hello!




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