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Boudoir Inspiration

All of the planning I’ve done lately for my wedding has made me realize how valuable true rest really is.

In order to accomplish hours of uninterrupted relaxation and sleep, I’m starting to plan for a mini bedroom facelift. In scouring thread counts and perky prints, it’s clear that the quality of the bedding itself is imperative.  Of course, a few stylish accessories don’t hurt either.  Here are three of my favorites “looks” to inspire.  Wishing you all a restful weekend!

Above:  A neutral palette with a touch of metallicThe Ava Print Duvet by Frette works well with this Pottery Barn mercury bed-side lamp and Anthropologie Luxe Shine Wallpaper.  I love blue accents for the bedroom; they are calming!

Below: Basic and beautiful, black and white.  This timeless set from Frette is aptly named, Hotel Classic.  It is definitely a luxurious addition to any abode.  Also from Frette, the Malick Cushion (which truly makes my heart skip a beat).   For a bit of a modern touch, the Reactive Glass Lamp from Anthropologie does the trick!

Below:  Lazy Sunday afternoon worthy decor.  The look is complete with a soft wool and angora Double Face throw by Frette, whimsical Tea Cup and the Festival Rug; both from Anthropologie.  This trio is best enjoyed on a rainy day while reading your favorite book.  Can’t you just feel the “cozy”?

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Summer Scents

When all the girls in high school were leaving clouds of heavy floral perfume in their wake, I was dabbing on a musk, patchouli or vanilla based fragrance. Even years later, a small list of scents make the cut; none which are the “trendy” overly floral fragrances that are marketed to the masses. I prefer something unique. Thanks to the HBA Global Expo, I bumped into the Spadaro collection of fragrances, which are literally, a breathe of fresh air. Immediately I was drawn to their packaging as I am definitely an “art school” girl at heart. Sweet red boxes house Italian glass bottles adorned with a unique bronze pattern for every fragrance. Each bottle is more bathroom display worthy than the next. The scents are warm and inviting and reminiscent of patchouli, almonds, vanilla, honey, grapefruit, white pepper, sandalwood and even paprika.I tried all three fragrances last week but one stayed on my mind: Doux Amour. It’s romance in a bottle and will make a great holiday gift suggestion for my fiancé who is always on the hunt for a good gift to give. If you’re searching for a new signature fragrance, I’d highly suggest giving the Spadaro fragrances a try. They even have a sweet trio trial pack for just $10 HERE which is what I used to test them out last week. My trio of bottles above; you’ll notice that Doux Amour was most used! Let me know if any of you give it a try and which is your favorite.

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